Saturday, June 8, 2013

June 2013 Birchbox Review: Wanderlust

June 2013 Birchbox
June 2013 Birchbox theme was 'Wanderlust', but I'd elect to change it to "wonder lust" because once I opened it, I wondered what other people got. Then after peeking online I lusted after different boxes and sighed at mine.

So in the long Birchbox tradition of disappointment, this June's Birchbox kicked off the dismal festivities with Twistband's hair tie from their Nautical Hair Tie Collection.

Although this does make more sense than the pen I got last box, I'm still not thrilled any time I get something that isn't a product that I can apply, slather or smooth on some part of my body. This only springs, so it definitely doesn't count then. Sure it's cute, but I got a similar one in a different box nearly a year ago and they last as long as a pair of pantyhose and they tear the same way.

Next up, I pulled out the Oscar de la Renta Something Blue sample. After opening it and dumping half on my wrist, I was surprised at how much it smells like Lilly of the Valley flowers-like that's the only note I can pick up. Maybe if I didn't dump half the vial on myself it would have been a pleasant scent, but I ended up smelling like one of those old ladies in Florida who smokes all day in their trailer then daubs on some perfume from the 80s before driving away in her Buick Lesabre for BINGO night.

Trying to make up for the rest of the box, the BB staffers threw in what looked like a full-sized Mirenesse Glossy Kiss Lipstick. Soon I realized it wasn't a full-sized product, and soon things went from bad to worse. At first the dusty pink color in 8. Cheeky Kiss looked like my new favorite lip color, but I was disappointed when it turned very pigmented and raspberry on my lips. The color was too garish against my fantastically pale skin, so unless I get a part-time gig as clown, I'll keep this in the 'fail' pail. Now, while I bash the color, I'm quite pleased with the way it feels on my lips. It's not glossy and it's not heavy but it's definitely moisturizing and pigmented, gliding over cracks and lines without spotty or uneven application. The scent is really nice too, the light vanilla note lingers on the lips without being picked up by your taste buds.

Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo was next out of the box and after trying it, I was impressed with how it soaked up the greasies without leaving my hair as pale as my skin. It is a bit messy to apply though, because the products sort of pills up in the hair as it absorbs the grease. Then after hand fluffing the product through, these fall to the floor like vanilla-scented snowflakes. The scent is non-offensive, almost smelling like a less heavy version of my Something Blue sample.

Last and least, I got a small sample of nail polish from Color Club and Birchbox's collaboration of crap: The Wanderlust Collection. The color is called Reign in Spain, and it's a hot neon orange that would be great against tan skin (cough). I've purchased Color Club polish, I received one before in my Birchbox and each time, I've always hated how streaky and globtastic they are. I can spend 40 minutes meticulously trying to paint my nails with their formula and I still end up looking like a manic monkey with a paintbrush gave me a manicure. Pleasantly surprised after swatching this on my thumb, I noticed how much less streaky and gloopy the polish was, so maybe they changed up the previous formulation. The color is really perky and fun too-great for summer.

Overall, I'm not thrilled with anything in my box and I keep the subscription in hopes that one day, I'll get the box of my dreams. But for now, I'll keep lusting after other boxes.

That's my opinion on my June 2013 Birchbox, now what's yours? How was your June Birchbox?

(Note: Due to my lackluster boxes, I have cancelled my account).