Saturday, May 11, 2013

May 2013 Love With Food Box Review: Mother's Day Disaster

What are things you can put in an omelette for 1,000, Alex.

After taking a good, long look at my May 2013, Mother's Day themed Love with Food box, it took me a while to piece together how any of the included items could help my mom "start the day off with a delicious breakfast in bed". Instead I imagined walking into my mom's room with a tray packed full of random junk. Cajun spices, a jar of jam, a huge vegan cookie and some dried tomato slices only made me picture my mom making her very best confused face.
May 2013 Love With Food

Eventually, I realized that this month's box was pretty much worthless upon arrival and it was packed with the assumption that the recipient is culinarily inclined enough to figure out what do do with half of the items...which is not me.

Why would someone who can burn soup subscribe to a food box? Well, normally from past experiences, the items that came in my boxes included snack-type things like gummy fruit chews, juice boxes and chocolate-covered confections.

Once I realized that most of these food items could combine with things in a normal person's fridge to make a delightful breakfast for mom, I started to judge the box less harshly and I give them credit for letting recipients get a little bit creative with their contents.

For me, I decided that an omelette and toast would probably be the best I could do with this month's box which consisted of the following:

Great Full Cookie from The Cookie department, Inc.
This vegan cookie isn't too bad, but it's pretty dry and crumbly, it's also packed with calories thanks to the sweet potatoes, oatmeal and brown sugar inside. The calories aren't really a negative since it's supposed to be more of a emergency meal than a random snack but make sure you have something to wash this down with.

Strawberry Preserves from Bonne Maman: I have yet to open this  but I did receive a grape version of this in a previous box. I found the flavor to be quite artificial and the consistency was watery.

Hand drip Coffee from Caffe Borsa: Coffee makes me very twitchy and I unfortunately have to stay away from caffeine so this is going to be unused, unless I can pawn it off on someone. I wish Love With Food would consider people who have food allergies or intolerances so items like this don't go to waste.

Original Cajun seasoning from "Slap Your Momma": Wooo, this is some seriously fiery stuff. I mean, I'm no wuss when it comes to hot stuff, but If I could change the name from the mildly offensive 'Slap Your Momma' to something else, it would definitely be: Fire Salt. That should sum up what this tastes like...

Tomato crunch from Snapz Crisps
I love tomatoes, and when I say I love tomatoes, I mean I could (and I have) eat a whole grocery bag full of fresh, garden picked tomatoes with a hint of garlic salt on top. But these little dried tomatoes bits aren't really my idea of a homage to my favorite fruit. While the ingredients consist of nothing but tomatoes, I just don't like the tart flavor that comes out when tomatoes are dried. Maybe these would be better mixed into an omelette.

Authentic Almond Biscotti from Biscotti Bari
I'm not a big fan of biscotti in general because they're very dry and that makes for a crumbly mess every time I eat one. This was no different because as soon as I opened this, crumbles and crumbs were expelled from the bag like they were waiting for that one chance to escape. Overall, it has a rich, buttery almond flavor and the typical biscotti texture.

Latte Candys from Bali's Best
Pretty yummy little coffee flavored candy that has a liquid center filled with coffee/cream flavored goop. It's better than I made it sound. I promise.

"Mystery Item" All-Natural Sunflower Crunch by Mrs. May's 
This was just a huge strike for me, because I just am not a fan of sunflower seeds. I do think that the toasty, nutty and sweet combination in this healthy snack mix really well together and someone who appreciates sunflower seeds would love it. I'm just not that person.

So what would I make for mom from this box?  Probably an omelette with the dried tomatoes and Cajun powder, a cup of coffee, some toast with the strawberry jam, half the vegan cookie and a biscotti on the side. I'm not creative at all, could you think of something better?

*Correction: Great Full Cookie from The Cookie department, Inc. is not gluten free as previously listed.