Friday, May 31, 2013

GlamGlow YOUTHMUD Tinglexfoliate Treatment Review

Whoever first said beauty is pain must have worked at developing GLAMGLOW's YOUTHMUD, because my initial "owwwch" turned to "ooooooh" soon after washing off the product.

The brand, which specializes in beauty mud masks for specific aliments recently acquired cult status after being passed around by certain A-listers at award shows.

This seems legit seeing as how the price tag is a bit higher than my non-celebrity salary can afford.

After being startled by the price for a full-size I was relieved to find a mini version with smaller sticker shock.

Although I'm sure it would be more cost efficient to buy a full-sized, I didn't want to spend 60$ for a product I've never had a chance to try. So after plunking down 20$ for a .01 oz cup of mud, my buyers remorse was heavier than the packaging.

Upon inspection, I noticed that the mask's consistency was slightly runny and I figured it would be mess to put on, but my brain really started to spin as I scooped out the product to find giant flakes of stuff mixed in with the mud.

It basically looked like someone's little brother scooped up some mud from the driveway after a rain and put it inside the container, leaf bits and all.

So, needless to say this was quite a chore to put on, and I recommend doing so around the sink just in case the flakes decide to go AWAL. I put it on in bed for some reason and it wasn't a good idea, cleanliness-wise.

Once I put it on, things got real. Real painful. I have felt  masks that tingle and warm, but this actually felt like it was burning my skin. Now, it was nothing that I couldn't tolerate, but it was still a little bit concerning especially since I hadn't yet seen the results.

After the murky green mask turned into a chalky green, and I couldn't move my face I knew it was time to wash it off. As I rinsed, I could feel little grains or some sort of texture exfoliating my face in the process.

After I dried off, what I didn't really notice any difference, but soon after  my complexion had a glow. This glow produced was different than any other product I've encountered. This made me look like I had run a mile, and then rested. You know, a really healthy, blood-flowing brightness to it.

I think that the burning sensation, which I'm sure they'd like me to rephrase as 'tingling', caused the blood in my face to recirculate, producing a healthy brightness to the skin.

So this while the mask was initially painful, if there's no pain there's no gain, and I will definitely be gaining the full-sized product as soon as my bank account lets me.