Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dior Lip Jelly Pen Review: Dior Does it Better a Cosmetic Review and Swatches

BRB, I need to go the ATM so I can buy the new Dior MLBB, TTYL. There's a new acronym in town and I don't mean YOLO. MLBB stands for every girls dream, that one lip shade that adds a touch of natural color while perking up your pout: It's My Lips But Better.

Dior Lip Jelly Pen
Recently on my latest trip to the Dior counter I found their new Jelly Lip Pens, and upon first inspection without swatching they all looked really dark and ruddy. I almost passed it up, but then I remembered how much I liked Tarte's version and since Dior does it better in just about every facet of makeup, I decided to swatch the three colors available. 

I was surprised at how much lighter they come out looking on the skin than in the tube and upon second inspection I decided that Gaia was the one I wanted to go a little further with. Described as a watermelon pink, it looked almost like a raspberry shade in the tube. Then it morphed again, coming out as a strawberry pink once on my lips and for me this was the perfect summer MLBB.

Gaia: Outodoor Light
Gaia: Indoor Light

Gaia Swatch indoors by window

The texture was almost like a sheer, moisturizing lip stain but the color pay off is definitely not as strong as one, which is fine by me. It adds a beautiful sheen to the lips as if you just lightly licked them and the color is so naturally perky and pretty.  It's also very lightly scented, and it took me a few sniffs coming dangerously close to painting my nose that perfect MLBB shade to even detect the faint note of berry. 

The staying power isn't the best however, and the color tends to stick more to certain spots on my lips while fading elsewhere as it wears. I have no problem with this because it's so fun to pull the chunky stick out and apply more. I love that there's no sharpening and the packaging is so cute while staying Dior glam. 

Packed with lush ingredients like Jojoba oil (second ingredient), this is a fairly moisturizing, light product, but I do think that Tarte's LipSurgence pens are slightly more moisturizing even though their texture isn't as luxurious. Also on the ingredient list is Hyaluronic Acid which plumps my lips ever so slightly and keeps the vertical creases from being too prominent. It even contains Retinyl Palmitate which is a synthetic form of retinol that acts as an antioxidant working to keep lips looking young and full. Dior's Lip Jelly Pens contain all this plus: green tea, white tea and about 5 other plant extracts which also act as antioxidants keeping lips safe from environmental harm.

Overall, I love this product and for 26$, I think its very much worth it. While the shine it produces fades pretty quickly the MLBB color, stayed for a few more hours-although slightly spotty. Either way,  my opinion remains: Dior does it better. DDIB!