Saturday, December 29, 2012

Android App Review: Find My Car for Android

Find My Car Android App
As much as I love makeup, I’m also a huge geek and my love for electronic gadgets took on a whole new level once I got my Samsung Galaxy Note II. 

I was once an Apple fan girl but my for some reason, my iNfatuation with my iPad and iPod Touch have taken a nose dive just like Apple’s stocks. I think my recent disdain for all things Apple started after they introduced the iPad 4 only 6 months or so after the iPad 3, which I purchased. So that, combined with my hatred of the new app store layout and the whole maps fiasco, pushed me over to the warm Android embrace.

I love my Galaxy Note II, and while I thought I’d get it so I could be productive on the go, I really only use it to fling birds around and watch movies. I find the pen feature to be a bit more useless and cumbersome to use than I had initially expected, but that’s not really an issue for me, since I migrated from the iOS where fingers ruled.

So after getting acquainted with my Android ally for a few months I found some apps that I could not live without, and I’d like to share at least one a week with you.

Most of my days begin with the gauntlet of the keys. This age-old tradition consists of me frantically running around my apartment trying to remember where I put my keys the night before. I even purchased a key finder, where all I have to do is whistle to find them, but the catch is I also have to remember to turn it on.
Find My Car, screen shot with Galaxy Note II
Find My Car screen shot taken
 with Galaxy Note II

Basically, I’d lose my head if it weren't attached and my forgetfulness knows no bounds. Size doesn't even matter as I forget where I parked at least twice a week. If you see a lost blond girl in a parking lot somewhere in Chicago, that’s probably me trying to find my car.

So thankfully, some genius made an app that lets me use the GPS in my phone to record where I parked my car once I get out. That way after an exhausting day of shopping wipes my memory clean of all previous endeavors, I can press a button and it will guide me to my car. Amazing.  

The app is of course cleverly named “Find My Car”, and available on the Android app store for free, via add sponsors. There also appears to be similarly themed apps on iOS, but I haven’t tried any of them.

Ok, now I can easily find my car, but where’s my phone?!


The tricks: If you don't have a GPS enabled phone, you can also just type in near by landmarks or parking space numbers into the app for later.

The Rating:  
Very useful and it actually does what it claims to do. Very easy and quick to use. 

Cost: Free on the Android market.

Ok, that's my opinion-now what's yours?