Sunday, December 30, 2012

Review: Dazzle Them With Chantecaille's Lumiere de Rose

Chantecaille's Lumiere de Rose
Chantecaille's Lumiere de Rose
Beautiful things dazzle the eye. A shiny new car, a can’t afford the-rent-now diamond and even the stars are all things you just can't take your eyes off of. The secret to a pulled-together look that competes with the cosmos? The perfect highlighter.

Highlighter is the epitome of a hard-working multitasker and once you learn the how to manage its different facets, feel to free to dazzle day or night. For a natural daytime glow, skip the blush altogether and apply a light-handed sweep of the perfect highlighting powder where you’d normally apply the blush.
Thin out a wide nose bridge or add a bit of extra dimension with a line of liquid highlighter (like one from Smashbox) down the bridge of your nose and along the upper part of your T-zone.

For eyes that glisten no matter how long you pretended to study for your finals, put a daub of highlighting powder in the inner corners of your eyes and in the center of the mobile lid. Nothing is hotter than full lips, so plump up your pout by putting some on your cupid's bow.

There is seemingly nothing a highlighter can't do, but if you're not careful it can also turn you into a disco disaster. After trying everything from drugstore to department store highlighters, I can honestly say this is one product you should never skimp on. High-end highlighters not only last longer, they contain less noticeable glitter particles and they are easier to apply. As far as high-end goes, not much else can compete with Chantecaille which has been one of the popular kids in its class ever since Angelina Jolie whipped out one of their glosses during an award show. 

While I haven't yet tried their glosses, I did pick up one of their highlighers, Lumiere de Rose highlight powder. Chantecaille states that this is "the most natural and flattering iridescent effect", and I can't disagree with that statement at all.

One trip around the egg sized compact is all your brush needs to displace the perfect amount of this powder. Once on, it may be hard to notice any sort of difference since the powder almost has a matte look at first. I believe that you won't be wowed by this product until you leave your bathroom. But once you catch a glimpse of your cheekbones in the mirror at work or anywhere along the course of the day you will be amazed. This gives such a subtle, angelic glow to your face without being glittery at all. I'd go as far as saying it makes your skin look like it's under candle light. At certain angles this powder gives off an almost wet appearance that makes the skin look hydrated and glowy. It's also an absolutely gorgeous light eye shadow when you're shooting for natural look. 

I honestly think that any skin color could wear this powder, and while the price tag is a bit dazzling in it's own right, I think the effect this gives is well worth it for anyone.


The tricks: Because it is hard to see the effects at first, try to apply with a light hand, or else your dazzle may blind people later on.

I'm all for high-end cosmetics, but I do think that the price is a bit high so I'm taking a point off.

Would I Purchase or Re-purchase? Yes, I will repurchase this.
Cost: $36 USD on

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